Welcome to Community Group Therapy!

Glad you’re visiting. Now for a short introduction. I’ve been working on Communities and Social Media for about 5 years with a particular focus on engaging the active enthusiasts and leaders that fuel the value of communities. Much of this effort was through my previous role at Microsoft, where I was the General Manager of Community Support and MVP program.

I started this blog in early 2007 for two simple reasons:
1)  I’ve learned more about communities by talking to others in the space than any other activity (big surprise)
2)  Forcing yourself to write and discuss is the best way to learn new points of view and gain perspective

Since this Blog launched, a lot has changed for me.  After 15 years at Microsoft, I decided to leave and pursue my own interests.  I’ve launched CGT Consulting, a boutique strategy consulting firm focused on helping my clients differentiate through more connected relationships with their customers.  As word of mouth on products and services has “digitized,” an immense new opportunity is emerging for businesses of all sizes.  Whether you represent the Innovation & Product Development function, Sales & Marketing function or Service & Support function, this shift brings important changes across every customer touch point in your business. 

While Microsoft provided an ideal global business and brand for incubating and scaling social interaction strategies, it’s clear the industry is going through a transformation as customer proximity and intimacy is redefined by social media and social productivity initiatives - and more importantly by the initiative of users themselves!  At the same time, this new wave is like its predecessors.  Its full of buzz words and enthusiasm that too often falls short of practical and prescriptive guidance on how to apply these new media techniques to business challenges and objectives.  CGT Consulting is about providing strategy, education and coaching from proven practitioners with a track record for delivering business results. 

CGT and Sean O’Driscoll are available for speaking engagements, Social Media education workshops, Strategy Development engagements and advisory services.

Much of our work centers around re-envisioning the customer touch point strategy with a focus on growth, reach, feedback, cost avoidance/reduction, satisfaction and advocacy.  In particular, we look for opportunities to foster engagement between and across users, influentials, partners and employees.

Primary areas of interest and experience:

  • Community and Social Media Strategy Development
  • Influencer / Advocacy Strategy and Program development
  • Voice of Customer and Listening systems
  • Idea Management and Feedback systems
  • Social Media and community organizational design and readiness
  • Content Strategy:  Embracing user generated content
  • Globalization:  Opening and expanding new markets with social media

Thanks for stopping by.  For more information, you can contact me directly at or .