13th February 2007

Convincing the uncoverted, Part 2


Convincing the unconverted, Part 2

In my last post, I introduced the topic of “convincing the unconverted on communities.”  I started with technique #1:  The Analogy.

Today, I thought I’d talk about: “Fear by Example.”

#2  Fear by Example

Anyone trying to win this debate in their organization should read the book Wikinomics (www.wikinomics.com).  I think the authors do a great job articulating this approach. 

Wikinomics quote:

“…2006 was the year when the programmable web eclipsed the static web every time:  flickr beat webshots; Wikipedia bead Britannica; Blogger bean CNN; Epinions beat Consumer-reports; Upcoming beat evite; Google Maps beat MapQuest; MySpace beat friendster; and craigslist beat Monster.”

“What was different?  The losers launched web sites, the winners launched vibrant communities.  The losers built walled gardens.  The winners build public squares.  The losers innovated internally.  The winners innovated with their users.  The losers jealously guarded their data and software interfaces.  The winners shared them with everyone.”

While I’m not totally in agreement with all the examples raised by the authors, I think the overall point is right.  Those who engage their users will be rewarded and those who don’t will fail.  So, it’s not about the opportunity presented by communities, but creating fear of failure if you don’t join “the social.”  The world, your users and your competitors will move on without you.

No industry is immune.  Take the following recent press release from Nike:  http://www.nike.com/nikebiz/news/pressrelease.jhtml?year=2007&month=02&letter=a

Quotes from CEO Mark Parker:

“As the market leader, we have the ability and the responsibility to take the industry and our partners to a new and better place,” said Nike Inc. President and CEO Mark Parker. “The ability to connect with consumers is the single most important competitive advantage in our industry today. Nobody does this better than Nike. Our vision is clear. I’ve never been more excited about our opportunities.”

“In today’s world, power has shifted away from traditional brand growth models to growth driven by the power of consumers,” Parker said. “No one is better positioned than Nike to take advantage of this. We will drive growth and build shareholder value by embracing the power of the consumer and creating a new marketplace.”

The story goes on to say:

“The Internet will get more attention for building a community for consumer to make them feel more connected to the company and the sports it supplies,” … “You’ll see that move from a bit of a hobby for Nike to a massive commitment.”

This is a good time in our group therapy for you to share your fears or related stories.

Next Technique:  “The Data/Evidence approach”


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