28th April 2007

Social networking to pass adult sites on the net!!

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Well, I was going to blog on this a bit more thoroughly this weekend, but turns out someone has been tag drafting some of my delicious tags:)  Awesome!!  Props to Sue at Mobile Technologies in TAFE for a nice write up on the article that caught my eye this week in the Economist:  "Devices and Desires: Is lascivious online content, traditionally on top, losing its lustre?"

I recommend reading Sue’s post, I thought it was interesting and enjoyed the added references she supplies.

On the whole, it’s a moderately interesting analysis by the Economist, though they stop short of looking at how much of this trend may simply be a diversion from dedicated adult sites to "adult" sub-sites within many social networking properties (yes, ok, they address this a little regarding Second Life, but overall the article is a little thin)…

That said, I’m sure there is a line of reporters at the Economist hoping for the opportunity to further investigate these trends - brings a whole new perspective to "embedded journalism."


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  1. 1 On April 28th, 2007, Sue Waters said:

    Thanks for the nice write up on my post. I have actually expanded your definition of tag drafting beyond del.icio.us to include following in their RSS feeds (although reading my post I realise that I probably need to make that more obvious). I have a Romanian lecturer Grabriela Grosseck who is very good at this and is following me; which is remarkable because English is her second language. I also follow her back (very remarkable considering I speak no Romanian). Grabriela Grosseck keeps an eye on all my sites, especially my blog and delicious account.

    PS I would really love to do an interview with you on social networking for my podcast site.

  2. 2 On April 28th, 2007, SteveA said:

    Well, sure, with stimulating people like you talking about social networking, of course it’s going up… :-P

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