8th July 2007

Microsoft MVP names daughter "Vista Avalon"

As I came home from vacation and found this in my inbox I was once again surprised by the passion within the community for the products, brands and/or companies they follow.  Information Week reported that MVP Bil Simser (and spouse) named their newborn daughter "Vista Avalon."  Here you can read Bil’s account of the thought process including the first naming idea where the initials spelled "DOS."

Showing his good nature, Bil leads off the inevitable jokes with a few of his own thoughts:

  • Her blog will contain the largest number of search hits with people looking for information about Vista
  • She has her very own carrying case (a laptop bag) and other personalized "logoware", most of which I can buy from the Microsoft store or any geek conference for the next 10 years
  • She’ll be the only one at her school with a service pack (or two, or three, …) named after her
  • If she’s hot (and she will be) boys will make many crazy jokes about "starting her up" and "rebooting her" to which I will pummel them upside the head with an XPS laptop that I’ll carry around to "interview" any potential suitors.

Well Bil, here’s the bottom line.  Beautiful baby!  Congratulations and glad everyone is home and doing well.


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  1. 1 On February 22nd, 2008, Bil Simser said:

    Just putting together Vista’s baby blog with references to all the sites that blogged or wrote about her. Funny I came across this one now (didn’t find it until I did a specific search that I haven’t tried before). Then I look up at the title to see it’s you Sean! Way cool. Hope life after MSFT is treating you well.

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