19th June 2007

Ironic…the mail just came…In it, my T-mobile bill

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Ok, timing of this is not their fault, but amazing none the less.  The sad thing (for me) is while I was on hold yesterday (before things got ugly, I actually paid my bill online.  Even after the calls I had up until then, I was ok - still a forgiving customer (I’ve been with them for MANY years - in fact, they are the only mobile carrier I’ve ever had) - sometimes issues are hard to solve.  Had yesterday’s call solved my problem, I would have never said a word about this… In the end, while the support wasn’t good, it was the powerlessness of the employees that really bothered me. 

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Several commented here regarding outsourcing.  I’m reasonably certain (though I did not ask) that this was a call center in the US.  Not that it should matter.  Great support is not about the provider, it’s about process and agent empowerment - both things that were broken here.  I saw a few comments on other sites that said I should have described my problem better here…sorry.  In my mind, I’m a consumer and this is a consumer product.  I don’t know what the problem is and really shouldn’t need to - I just need to give the symptoms.  Admittedly, I did not post here to get tech support help on my problem at this point, I posted here to share a story.  I’m confident (I hope) that someone at a senior level at T-Mobile will take some action.  I’m reasonable sure (I hope) that this is not by-design.  Somewhere in the middle, bad measurement/process is driving the wrong behavior and someone at T-Mobile will want to fix this…(I hope).

Note:  I did get a vmail from T-Mobile customer care asking for a call back.  Called and left them a message back.  Ironically, based on the vmail, I’m pretty sure I got the call because I entered a complaint here:  .  If that is really the source, amazing that it worked faster than the agent on the phone (or anything else) to escalate to higher level customer care. 


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  1. 1 On June 19th, 2007, black said:

    I hate Deutche telekom because they have monopoly on every cm of copper cable in my country. Although I use different phone and ISP (which are just resellers), I still have to pay around 20$ per month to DT because there is no alternative. I hope they bankrupt and thier CEOs end up in jail for life.

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