19th June 2007

T-Mobile Post update…

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Tons of attention on this post…more than I can read.  No common themes about who would be great to switch to, but lots of related stories.  Several of you are even convinced this was all my fault somehow.  Ok, that’s the point of public debate, you get to have your opinion.  I’ve always been more of the “get more bees with honey type” in every engagement, but this got beyond that - though for the record, while I thought many loud thoughts in the call, I never raised my voice in the call…we came to the end at an impasse and I said goodbye.  As many commented here, the agents are doing what they are trained to do, they are not the issue.

At any rate, the issue is not that a support issue went bad…every company will have those events - the test is how they respond in that moment.  I don’t mean to a random blog post like mine, but what is the agent on the phone able to do to make the situation right. 


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  1. 1 On June 21st, 2007, Susan said:

    Might not help much, but we switched to Verizon and haven’t had one iota of a problem. Well, on the cell phone front anyway. Home service has been a nightmare, but I can’t say enough about how pleasant our cell service is. I never have less than two bars, even way out in rural areas.

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