15th December 2007

Podcast on Social Media, Communities and Influencers…


Stephen Ibaraki of the Canadian Information Processing Society recently asked me to participate in a podcast after seeing a speech I gave on the business implications of social media.  Stephen’s awfully generous to me to provide the opportunity.  I don’t really like to go back and listen to these after I’ve done them, but I thought I’d share the link here…it’s a bit long, but Stephen has index of topics to give some idea of the flow.  I thought someone here might give it a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Popularity: 80% [?]

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  1. 1 On December 16th, 2007, Stephen said:

    Sean, your insights are very much appreciated and I know that your profound thoughts on social media and networks and its influence on us as IT practitioners plus on business represents a significant shift or inflection point. In my recent meetings with Government Ministers, and Business Leaders, they have a glimpse of this tidal wave and want to be powered by its implications. Your ideas provide clarity…

    Thank you for sharing your ideas in this interview.

    With respect and appreciation,

  2. 2 On December 17th, 2007, Connie Bensen said:

    It was a great interview, Sean.

    Your speaking abilities are incredible. And you have great ideas to share. I posted the link on my blog too (prefacing a number of podcasts).

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