11th December 2008

WOM or Weird…or maybe both :)

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I recently stayed at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino, California for a week while working with a few silicon valley clients.  It’s a Kimpton property which overall I really like.  They have a nice boutique feel and given the corporate rate are no more expensive than any other local properties.  The thing that stands out at this hotel when you arrive at your room is the sort of "African Savannah" theme.  Not overdone in my opinion, just enough to be unique.  Here’s a photo from the Kimpton website to give you the vibe:



I spend a lot of time in hotels - maybe 80 or so nights per year wouldn’t surprise me.  Often times I’m only staying a night or two, but this time I was in town for a week, so I actually unpacked to hang my clothes in the closet.  Like other nice hotels, there were hotel provided robes hanging in the closet - kinda cool, but not generally noteworthy.  At least not until now.  When I opened the closet I saw this robe hanging to the right:


Shwanky!! Leopard print!  Hmmm.  Should I throw this bad boy on and head down to the bar!!  This was memorable and alone worth telling a few people about the next day as I thought it was pretty odd and different.  It was second night when I opened the closet that I looked to the left and saw something else hanging that I had missed on day 1.


Whoa!  I don’t think I’m putting THAT on and heading down to the bar.  This little number had a tag and price on it ($30 per piece)….my first mini-bar "nightware."  Needless to say, this really added to the story the next day when everyone wanted to know just what kinda hotel I was staying in.  I don’t know if my stories will end in any new guests, but in this case, kinda weird did lead to Word of Mouth. 

And for the record, there are no pictures of me wearing the robe….OR THE OTHER LITTLE NUMBER!!!!

A trip to the Kimpton web site and I learned you can buy these items if you are so inspired: Robe and the Cami.


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  1. 1 On December 12th, 2008, Virginia Miracle said:

    Sean - I am an INSANE Kimpton fan. Jackie Huba first told me about them and then I have had a series of truly extraordinary experiences over the last few years. I posted last year about the extreme levels they went to for my father’s 70th last year: http://www.virginiamiracle.com/2008/01/04/the-gift-of-kimpton/

    Hope you’re well!

  2. 2 On December 12th, 2008, Robbin Phillips said:

    I love that bed! Crazy cool. And Veedub, I thought about you when I read this post!

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