22nd February 2008

Join me at SAP in Palo Alto for a talk on Social Media and Influencers

I’m spending the day with SAP on the 26th.  One of cool things they do are the SAP Salon events which are open to the public talks.  I have the pleasure of presenting next week…get the details and register here:

Here’s an abstract of the session:

Social Media and Online Communities: If you could only leverage what your customers know.

We’ve been inundated with a wave of new buzz words…Web 2.0, Social Media, Communities, Social Productivity, Influencers, Marketing 2.0…This session will provide a business explanation of what Social Media is, why it matters to a business and most importantly how to operationalize it in a global business environment. We’ll explore a strategy development model for engaging with Social Media and a framework for establishing a long term approach to ROI. And finally, we’ll look at the Microsoft MVP program as a best practice and framework for tapping into the influencer/enthusiast population to drive word of mouth, brand affinity, product quality and online success.

Hope to see you!


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11th February 2008

Joint Podcast with Andy Sernovitz on Paul Dunay’s Buzz Marketing blog

It was a pleasure to join Andy for a Podcast with Paul on his well know site.  Give a listen .


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2nd February 2008

Aberdeen releases research paper on Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Ok, I’m featured a bit in this as I was interviewed, but even without that built-in bias I think this is one of the better pieces I’ve read.  I particularly appreciate that it articulates a broad set of values across corporate silos to developing and engaging in social media strategies.  Overall the analysis as well as guidance make this a recommended read.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis:  Generating Consumer Insights from Online Conversation


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